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Develop a website to display Oleg Dou’s portfolio

Copyright: Flёve.
Brief: Develop a website to display Oleg Dou’s portfolio.
Solution: The idea was to focus solely on his works as the main attraction for visitors and design the site to streamline as smoothly as possible.First, we have hidden the menu (which can be easily accessed by hovering over the top side of the screen with the cursor) to free more space for the photographs. Second, we have arranged a superior smoothness for scrolling, which makes the process of looking through the works highly sensitive and responsive. Finally, a simple click on any photograph enlarges it to let you examine the work in all its minute details.
Bonus: As a bonus Flёve designed a series of icons which can be used as a pattern for Scotch tape, wrapping paper or anything Oleg might have in mind.


Mika Templatica

Finally, a simple click on any photograph enlarges it to let you examine the work in all its minute details.

Wow! Nice work!

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Develop a website to display Oleg Dou’s portfolio
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