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Ulysses, Ulysses – Soaring through
All the galaxies. In search of Earth, flying in to the night. Ulysses, Ulysses – Fighting evil and tyranny, with all his power, and with all of his might.

Like a bolt of thunder from the blue. Ulysses – always fighting all the evil forces bringing peace and justice to all.

Hey there where ya goin
Not exactly knowin’, who says you have to call just one place home. He’s goin’ everywhere, B.J. McKay and his best friend Bear. He just keeps on movin’, ladies keep improvin’, every day is better than the last.

New dreams and better scenes
And best of all I don’t pay property tax. Rollin’ down to Dallas, who’s providin’ my palace, off to New Orleans or who knows where. Places new and ladies, too, I’m B.J. McKay and this is my best friend Bear.

Hong Kong Phooey
Number one super guy. Hong Kong Phooey, quicker than the human eye. He’s got style, a groovy style, and a car that just won’t stop. When the going gets tough, he’s really rough, with a Hong Kong Phooey chop (Hi-Ya!). Hong Kong Phooey, number one super guy. Hong Kong Phooey, quicker than the human eye. Hong Kong Phooey, he’s fan-riffic!


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80 days around the world, we’ll find a pot of gold just sitting where the rainbow’s ending. Time – we’ll fight against the time. self-made millionaire, he’s quite a guy. This is Mrs H., she’s gorgeous, she’s one lady who

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 One for all and all for one, Muskehounds are always ready.
Top Cat! The most effectual Top Cat! Who’s intellectual close friends get to call him T.C. Providing it’s with dignity.
Providing it’s with dignity. Top Cat! The indisputable leader of the gang. He’s the boss, he’s a pip, he’s the championship. He’s the most tip top, Top Cat.